Secondary Education
Good education teaches children
to think deeply and independently

Secondary Education

Young adolescents are defined as those students who need Educational programs that are Designed specifically for their age group because of their uniqueness in terms of Intellectual, Social, Emotional, and Physical development.

The phenomenal growth that is occurring at this Time of their lives presents unique challenges for Educators. Also, this is a time of life when Young people are forming values and making decisions that will impact them for the rest of their Lives.

At Natco School of Learning, the children of Grade six and above are provided with a learning environment, where in

  • Their learning needs with regard to Linguistic, mathematical, conceptual, interpretational skills are taken care of, by providing them opportunities and tasks to work upon not only as part of class room teaching, but also in the form of various activities which involve reading, browsing, surveying, interviewing, discussing etc integral to the topic being dealt.
  • Their psychological , social and Emotional needs are catered to, by making them feel important, recognizing their igniting minds, encouraging their creative thinking and expressions, channelizing their emotional thoughts and feelings in the right perspective, through various activities, projects, visits, interactions that add to the system of classroom teaching.
  • They are also encouraged to grow up as socially responsible citizens nurturing their personalities with the Life skills they develop through an involvement in various peer group activities, club activities , co-curricular and cultural activities etc.
  • They are also introduced to work education from this level, in gradual phased manner, involving them in one or more activities like, Textile Designing, Culinary arts, Gardening, Pottery etc.