Primary Education
Good education teaches children
to think deeply and independently

Primary Education

In the process of implementing the CBSE curriculum, our school uses relevant instructional tools and strategies that facilitate the holistic development of the child intellectually, socially, emotionally and creatively.

A Primary school Child at NSL, is encouraged

  • To learn languages through a series of activities coupled with each lesson to be dealt, that provide for enhancing his four basic skills of language along with Vocabulary and Grammar skills nurturing his creative, imaginative, thinking abilities as he grows...
  • To work on the development of his Logical / Mathematical / Spatial skills while imbibing the concepts within each topic being dealt. The child is supported to relate and apply his learning to Real life Situations wherever possible.
  • To explore the environment, experiment or observe various processes, interact, interview or inquire into the details of specific topics thus comprehending his knowledge, to be able to interpret and apply the same appropriately.

Activities like Circle Times, Discussions, Debates, Field Trips etc are also part of the curriculum which indirectly instill a sense of Empathy, Sympathy, inquiry, and other intra- personal and interpersonal skills in the child.