Pre Primary Education
Good education teaches children
to think deeply and independently

Pre-Primary Education

The Curriculum at the Pre-primary wing of Natco School of Learning, helps the child experience the process of Joyous Learning, involving himself in various activities that provide for the development of his innate abilities, like Linguistic, logical, mathematical, intra-personal, inter-personal, bodily kinesthetic and Visual Spatial.

For Example, a child in the process of learning about Neighborhood:

  • Tends to enhance his spatial sense and Logical interpretation, when he tries to map down his visit around the school
  • Understands, analyzes, compares and comprehends the importance of different places in the neighborhood.
  • Enhances his reading skills and phonemic awareness, when he is put to read or write about the same, in simple words and phrases as per the activity planned.
  • Improves his speaking skills, interpretational skills, when interacting with different personnel, while reflecting over his experience etc.
  • Nurtures his illustrating and imagination skills when he is asked to reflect over his observations through a diagram.
  • He is also encouraged to improve his creativity, develop a sense of social responsibility, etc through various interesting activities so designed.

Would also introspect himself as part of the neighborhood in the light of the brainstorming sessions that go on in a way that opens his mind to think beyond...