Good education teaches children
to think deeply and independently

Mission, Vision & Objectives

Mission Statement

" The objective of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives. " - Maria Montessori

We, at Natco School of Learning believe that holistic, sensitive education has the power of effecting social progress and social change. Good education teaches children to think deeply and independently.

It is our aim to provide a positive and enriching learning environment that helps nurture them as intellectually, socially and emotionally sound individuals, who are capable of meaningful thought and action.


" To learn to live; to live and learn "

Education should teach a child to be prepared for life. The initial years child spends in school essentially shape the direction in which the child would grow.

Helping the children to realize their innate potential and giving them right exposure would mould them into capable individuals for the future.


  • To help children learn everyday and love every minute.
  • To provide a conducive learning environment, that facilitates them to shape themselves into effective and independent individuals for future.
  • To provide enriching, empowering and exploratory experiences for our students.
  • To expose the young minds to various arts and sports.
  • To promote a scientific temperament and inculcate a spirit of inquiry in young minds.
  • To help them build their personality through various activities, tasks and challenges that help them nurture their thinking, analyzing, presenting and socializing abilities as well.