Good education teaches children
to think deeply and independently


  • " We Learn . . .
    • 10% of what we read
    • 20% of what we hear
    • 30% of what we see
    • 50% of what we see and hear
    • 70% of what we discuss
    • 80% of what we experience
    • 95% of what we teach others. " - William Glasser

Children in the process of their Learning are affected by the direct or indirect influence of their teacher, curriculum, parent, peers and the society.

At Natco School of Learning,the child enjoys a positive, facilitative and encouraging Environment, where he can unfold his hidden abilities, nurture his skills, sharpen his attitude and develop himself as a true independent personality prepared for the Future.

He is also provided with suitable contexts and opportunities, to interact with the Parents and the society as well as part of his learning process, so that he feels his learning as incidental and relevant to his Real life situations. Thus, the Parents too are encouraged to feel integral in the development of the child.